Eric Gee

Eric Gee is the managing director of Paper River Consulting Ltd, one of the most innovative software vendors in providing information processing solutions for law firms. Eric started his career as an Aerospace graduate and engineer, designing hot air balloons and airships for Per Lindstrand and went on to design many parts of Richard Branson’s Pacific crossing high altitude balloon, even appearing in a number of BBC documentaries. After various CAD design roles including careers with Mars in Slough and British Aerospace, Eric moved in to an IT career with Hewlett Packard and developed a deep understanding of business process automation. The role at HP involved working in many of HP’s research and development programs around the world developing the early technologies for intelligent capture and workflows. Eric is a keen snowboarder, rock climber and race cyclist and has a keen interest in philanthropic work especially around ape conservation. Being half Dutch and half Brazilian Eric has a great interest in travel and values strong cultural connections to his origins abroad. Coming from a family of artists he also enjoys building his own sculptures and has adorned his home and gardens with some eye-popping pieces of work.