Paper River

Paper River is a leading developer and supplier of software for many organisations and verticals including the legal industry. We are present in over forty of the top two hundred law firms in the UK and work with many more worldwide.

FlowMatrix allows law firms and legal departments to optimise the management of information through efficient, secure and audited business process automation. FlowMatrix connects fee earners, secretaries, MFP devices, digital mailroom process, client desktops and core business applications through a highly powerful rules-based delivery engine and client collaboration tools. We can process information fully profiled in as little as one click using modern intelligent alternatives to the traditional solutions currently available in the market.

Our powerful rules-based workflow system automates many of the methods for linking, outputting and inputting the information that a company has to deal with both electronically and by paper. FlowMatrix is engineered to do this by helping to manage the entire document lifecycle from information creation to deletion and achieving this with the least number of human ‘clicks’. Efficient and intelligent automation is the structural foundation of all our software components. We fully audit all document processes and use software rather than expensive equipment to provide solutions such as cost recovery for client billing.

Our solutions run on just one connected platform covering digital mail room, distributed MFD capture, binder virtualisation, copy & print cost recovery, automated bulk office services workflows, complex email conversion and archive & retention advanced management. All users can be part of the QA and decision processes using our QuickDrop Connectivity Platform.

We work with just about every legal document management and practice management system and we are partners with iManage, OpenText, NetDocuments, Peppermint, Microsoft, Thomson Reuters, LexisNexis, SOS and Capita Eclipse and all the top eight MFD vendors including Ricoh and Canon to name but a few.


Eric Gee

Eric Gee is the managing director of Paper River Consulting Ltd, one of the most innovative software vendors in providing information processing solutions for law firms. Eric started his career as an Aerospace graduate and engineer, designing hot air balloons and airships for Per Lindstrand and went on to design many parts of Richard Branson’s… Continue reading Eric Gee