Fulcrum GT


SAP Fulcrum GT—the New Standard.

We understand law firms, legal systems, and processes.

We have over 20 Rapid Deployment Solutions encompassing nearly all functional aspects of a law firm’s operations—including time entry, NBI, CRM, HR, matter budgeting/LPM, billing and finance, and comprehensive analytics.

Built on the world’s largest enterprise software platform, SAP/HANA, and available in the cloud or on-premise, for any size firm, our advanced, best practice-based, process-driven solutions, coupled with our personalized, customer-centric approach will deliver success and innovation for your firm.

We support our solutions with the largest dedicated legal services practice, and we make unparalleled, strategic investments to drive innovative improvements and to set new standards in the industry.

SAP Fulcrum GT’s Pro Series™ for Legal is the industry’s most powerful enterprise practice management solution running on the world’s largest software platform. It’s the New Standard for law firms.