Fliplet is an online platform that empowers anyone in a law firm to create and maintain powerful and beautiful apps on mobile and web. We have a suite of pre-built apps for common law firm uses, like events, training, internal comms, crisis management, directories and pitches. There’s no need to know how to code, and IT teams can manage and distribute the apps quickly and easily with their existing infrastructure. With full integration capabilities and enterprise grade security features, we are able to cater for the most demanding and security conscious firms. In short, Fliplet makes apps easy.

Mike Gallop

Mike Gallop, Commercial Director at Fliplet, responsible for the strategic and commercial planning with customers. I am not technical so I leave all developer jargon to the code-loving folks in my team. Passionate about learning and understanding the key challenges within organisations and working with them to find innovative solutions. Oh, and I love Golf!!!… Continue reading Mike Gallop