DocsCorp designs easy-to-use software and services for document professionals who use enterprise content management systems. We provide solutions for metadata removal, document processing, PDF manipulation, and document comparison.

The DocsCorp product suite is built to drive business efficiency and increase the value of existing technology investment. We help transform any organisation’s slow and outdated processes using sophisticated solutions that integrate with most major document management systems.

DocsCorp is a global brand with customers located in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific and beyond. More than 3,500 organisations rely on DocsCorp software every day.

Prisha Roque

Prisha Roque is an Account Manager at DocsCorp and heads up sales for the legal sector in the North, spanning Ireland, Scotland and all firms north of Birmingham.  Prisha maintains and expands relationships by working very closely with existing and new accounts and believes in counterintuition. She has 6 years’ experience in sales in the… Continue reading Prisha Roque

Ben Mitchell

Ben Mitchell is the VP of Sales for DocsCorp EMEA and is responsible for managing all DocsCorp’s operations in the European region from its London office. Ben is a seasoned sales professional with an extensive 20-year history of managing and building sales organisations in the technology industry.