Jeevan D’Silva

After graduating from the University of London with a Law and Business LLB Honours degree, Jeevan was subsequently called to the Bar.

Jeevan joined T-Systems (then Debis IT Services) in 1998 and was later promoted to principal SAP Consultant following his development of the Croatian oil and gas market. In June 2000 he became Business Solutions Director, heading up the company as SAP services and e-Business activities. The following year he became the Director for Legal Compliance and Strategic Solutions and was subsequently appointed Legal and Commercial Director at T-Systems in 2002.

As well as having considerable legal attributes, Jeevan is also a Fellow of the Chartered Certified Institute of Accountants (ACCA), and has considerable experience in various industries inclusive of the manufacturing, financial, government  and charitable sectors. Jeevan was a regional panel board member of the ACCA actively promoting /managing continuing Professional Development for qualified professionals.

Jeevan is a member of the DTAG international Legal Group and sits on the practice boards for Compliance Law, Procurement Law and IT Law. Jeevan has represented and advised the group internationally on both the selling and buying sides of transactions both outsourcing, telecommunications, IT and M&A.